Two humans in the world. Taking Selfies.

Abby Morgan and Blake Whitman are two curious humans, currently traveling the world for a year to explore and to experience new everything. As individuals, we come from deep backgrounds in the tech, creative and production industries; as a couple, we are adventurous, passionate people that want to make a difference. This drive has led us to leave our careers to explore new experiences -- in foreign lands and with different cultures -- that we hope will help us to better understand our future impact as humans on this planet. We invite you to explore with us and to learn with us as we travel around this big crazy planet of ours. 

Blake Whitman

"I'm a self described gentleman/explorer, but in truth I'm nowhere near that cool. I come from a long line of kings that never existed and I have no relation to either Walt Whitman or Blake Lively (besides a few interesting dreams). I helped make Vimeo for a long time but I'm more fond of leaves and rocks than ones and zeros. When I'm not in Brooklyn, you can usually find me in a boat or on a mountain, taking selfies of myself (and Abby) and generally trying to have a good time. I enjoy Coors Light and laughing, and my favorite activity is loafing. I hope to write a book one day so I can lead this bio with that accomplishment."

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Abby Morgan 

"I'm Abby, not to be confused with Abbygail but just plain Abby.  I come from the Queen's motherland but now Obama is my man. Characteristics include singing words to songs incorrectly, bad comedic timing and getting excited about pretty much anything. My heroes include Winston Churchill, Hunter S. Thompson, Hemingway and Ron Burgundy – less for their collective wisdom and more for their functioning alcoholism. Professionally I'm a bit of a mutt, weaving in and out of tech and the entertainment industry. But at the core, I'm most attracted to story-building, story-telling and story-doing. I bring curiosity and passion with me everywhere, even when it sometimes gets me into trouble. Like that one time I … never mind."

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