[the preface]


This, is the preface. The pre-telling of the story that unfolds over the next year and more. The characters in this story will be Abby Morgan and Blake Whitman – heretofore shall be known as “We”. We are a curious couple with a penchant for exploration, adventure, and life in all it’s myriad forms. But, like many others, our lives have been consumed with a sense of duty towards the unwritten rules of the American Dream. Work. Work. And more work. A few weeks off a year to get a taste of something else — all the while glued to our phones and computers to make sure work is okay.

We’re not big fans of that.

There is more to life and we think the best way to figure out what that is is to get as far away from our familiar bubble as possible and travel around this crazy planet of ours for as long as we can. So with full hearts and open minds, we have decided to leave our home in Brooklyn and to kick open the door to a new life exploring this world for a while.

Today, we begin the first of many new chapters in our story. The setting for our stories will be the places we travel and, we hope, new characters will appear along the way. You, the reader of these stories, will get to know these new places and new characters over time. We invite you to explore with us and to learn with us as we travel around this big crazy planet of ours.


Abby and Blake